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Thursday, 19-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to train your people with a remote control!

I have learned a new trick. Did anyone know that people came with remotes? Yes, they do! Mom and Dad won't let me in the bedrooms, and I get really sad when they leave me alone in the livingroom. However I figured out that I can jump on the couch, grab the remote, bite it, turn off the tv or satellite and someone will come running back into the livingroom. I don't need to drag it off or eat it, just turn off the tv and sure enough I have a person to love on me. It works great! Last night during dinner, they wouldn't pay attention to me or feed me, so I waited patiently. They were talking and not noticing how cute and wonderful I am, so I jumped on the couch, bit the remote and jumped down onto my dog bed really fast. My boy ran over and took the remote and gave it to Mom. Of course I raced after him and he petted me. See how easy it is to train your people?

Mom talked to the man that owns my mommy dog. He said that they have not been training me properly. He said that since Dad let me catch the wing, that I think I don't need to point anymore... which really, if I can catch it, why point at it? Yep. So the man said that for the next 3 weeks I get to be on a lead in the back yard and Mom and Dad have to teach me "heel" and if I can do that without a lead then they can teach me "whoah" on lead and if I can do "heel" and "whoah" without a lead then I can try to point again. He said that I am NEVER allowed to catch a target EVER because it will mess up the training. The man said that I need to be out in public on a lead as much as possible meeting everyone I can and that Mom and Dad need to not "put me away" when people come over. He also said that Mom and Dad need to bang pots and pans around me especially when I'm eating and take me out with a 22 on a lead and see if I get gunshy. I don't think I will be. He also said that I am not allowed to EVER hunt with Aspen because I will learn bad things and then Mom and Dad have to start over with me.

We have a lake where the yard used to be. Mom doesn't like muddy dogs so she makes us get wiped off before we come in the house. Dad says he's going to have to dig some really big ditches to keep the run off from flooding worse. I offered to help dig but Dad said he was going to rent some equipment.

I'm doing much better about not going in the house. Mom said she was impressed.

I didn't do anything real exciting last night. I stayed outdoors most of the evening because it was warmer and Mom and Dad thought the fresh air was good for me. So Aspen and I chased each other all over.

Dad put me in a different crate last night, and I slept in the laundry room. I did better and didn't cry all night. Mom and Dad said they hardly noticed me.

It was snowing out this morning. I played on the porch for awhile before Mom let me in the dog pen to go play with Aspen. I am getting big, I am almost unable to fit through the fencing now. It took me a lot longer to get back to the porch this time.

Mom cleaned up my other crate for me and had it all ready. Mom says she's trying to get us ready for our trip this weekend. I wonder if that new dog will want to meet me!

Wednesday, 18-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mom's very long night

I taught Aspen a cool trick. Remember the pull-the-tablecloth trick? Oh yea that's it. Aspen wanted the cat off the bed, but since dogs don't get on beds either... well this time the mountain came to Mohammad. Aspen got a hold of the comforter with his teeth gave a great big pull and the cat just wasn't fast enough. Aspen got a big swat on the nose from the cat. Mom probably would of swatted him too but she was laughing too hard. After that Aspen had to leave the bedroom.

Mom wasn't happy with me and Aspen this morning. She put me in my kennel last night because Dad said I have to be in there. I cried. and I cried. and I cried. I cried until 2 in the morning. Mom said I woke her up at least 6 x and she said she couldn't handle it. So after I got quiet, she went and let me out.

Let me say that those silly people just leave WAY too many things out for us. We found boxes in the garbage, got to tear those up into the most tiny pieces all over the livingroom. Aspen also managed to get a hold of a container on the counter and we ate the contents. Then we tore the wrapping all up on it too. It was a blast! I had to potty and I couldn't open the door so I just found my favorite spot and did my business. Dad wasn't impressed with that either.

When Dad got up, he put me and Aspen outside. Aspen had to go to the dog pen and I fit through the fence so I just climbed out and got on the porch. When Mom got up I got to come back in after some nice breakfast. Then it was back in the kennel since Mom and my kids had to leave.

Mom says she has to come up with a happy alternative for everyone. I don't like the kennel and Mom doesn't like that I don't like the kennel because I keep her up all night. She said maybe Aspen could get in with me and then maybe I wouldn't cry. That might be alright. Mom says "we'll see".

Tuesday, 17-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Very busy couple of days

This is Aspen, mom says he's goofy!
This is my boy, we KNOW he's goofy!
This is baby-Aspen! Isn't he cute?
Well I have been very busy. Mom seems a bit obsessed about my potty breaks. She keeps taking me outside all the time. I've not seen anyone else go on the floor, so maybe I'm supposed to do this outside? She gets pretty excited when I go on the snow, so like they say-- when mama's happy--

I learned that dogs do not sit on the couch. Dog's also aren't allowed to help do laundry or try to eat socks (or barbie parts, books, cars or the dog bed). We also aren't allowed to jump and bite or eat the cat food. We definately aren't allowed to use the cat poop for treats. Aspen taught me how to do that and Mom wasn't happy about it at all! Aspen got put outside for that and the cat box is in the bathroom where I can't get to it. The cats don't like that because they can't open the door. But I can! I learned really quick that if you push just hard enough, the door pops open. So mom had to put the litter box outside. That worked for a bit until I went outside and it was starting to rain. I had no where to hide so I climbed in the litter box. Dad didn't think that was a good idea so he let me come back in.

I had to have a bath too. I stepped in my poop and then sat on it. Dad says poopy puppys just don't fly in our house so in the tub I went! I did alright but Aspen wanted in too and kept trying to push dad outta the way. Aspen loves showers and baths! He says cold water sucks but warm water is the only way to go. I smelled better when it was done, and my back end wasn't brown anymore!

Mom was trying to give the one of the kids a bath (but I don't get it because they didn't sit in the poop) and I decided that I should take things into my own-- paws. I leaped onto the couch (which took some work because I still can't quite reach), then I climbed over the couch and thought it would be a good idea to lay on the end table. Silly people think that they should keep glass vases and glass picture frames in my way, so I moved them. Gravity did wonders and put everything on the floor. I found a nice novel of Mom's that she had been reading and thought it might make a good chew toy. I tore off the back cover and ate about 4 pages before mom found me. She spanked my butt and put me on the floor. I thought I'd be tough and bark at her, but when mama ain't happy-- and I got put in my kennel so mom could finish giving the kid a bath. Apparently I made a real big mess and mom was saying things that I hadn't heard before. She got it cleaned up and I got to come out when she was all done.

Apparently there is a conspiracy between the dogs and the cats. The little cat attempted to get me in trouble-- however she wasn't really thinking about how to go about it. Mom was watching tv in the other room and I watched the cat. She climbed ontop of all the shelving thats about 12 feet off the ground and knocked over a glass vase full of rocks and marbles. It bounced off the counter on the way down, it broke and stuff went flying everywhere. Mom came running in wanting to know what I did now-- but then the kitty wasn't fast enough and mom saw her running across the cupboards. Mom apologized to me and Aspen then kitty got put outside.

I always want to know what mom and dad are doing. I don't like closed doors. I can open just about all of them now. I also want to know what goes in things that are "put up". Mom put something in a bowl, and when she wasn't looking I pulled on the table cloth until I pulled the bowl down. Unfortunately it wasn't interesting, more rocks and marbles and they bowl hit me on the way down. Mom wasn't real happy about my idea of decorating. She says that I can't help with that either. Oh well!

I'm a pretty good watch dog. I bark and growl at anything that comes in the livingroom at night. I tried to attack mom when she was getting a glass of water, but that's only because I didn't know it was her. Apparently getting a glass of water doesn't constitute actual danger to anyone in the house. However I tried to attack dad when he came home, but then I figured out it was only him. Being as he lives in the house, I have to had to let him in, Mom said so. Even after I my very ferocious guard dog tactics failed (I guess you have to look for intruders, not dwellers), they let me sleep in the living room last night with Aspen and I was much happier. I must have done something right because I was left to gaurd the house! I didn't feel sad or lonely and didn't cry at all. I only had one accident because the kitty pooped on the floor and so I pooped on top of it. Mine was bigger, but that didn't impress mom. She only gets excited when I go outside.

Friday, 13-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My new home!!

This is me n Dad n Aspen-- kissing me
This is me-- I am soooo cute!!
Here I am again-- too cute for words!
Tonight I got to go to my new home! My mom and dad came and picked me up and I had to ride about 30 min in the car. I was a tad bit excited and kept trying to climb out of mom's lap and look out the windows. Then I got really excited and threw up on mom's lap. Mom didn't get mad, she had dad pull over and I got to go outside in the fresh air for a few minutes. I offered to clean up the mess by eating it up but mom said that wasn't necessary. So I let her clean it up instead.

I got to my new house and I was really excited. I sniffed EVERYTHING. I found the dog food and tried to get the lid off. Dad and Mom had left lots of things out by accident (silly people) but I'll get them trained! I like the cats, the big one doesn't mind when I run him over but the little one will growl at me. I like to chase her into the chair and see if she will get on the table. Dad was playing with me and got out a chucker wing for me to chase and point at. I did alright but then it got boring so I just wanted to eat it instead. Dad says I can't do that. Oh well.

Then they got all serious and put me in the kennel and I was sad. I was having a great time running around sniffing everything and trying to get on the furniture! What did I do? I started crying and voicing my opinion, however it didn't seem to work. Then they brought in my new best friend, Aspen and of course he was more than happy to meet me. He ran over to me, sniffed me through the bars, ran over to mom and dad and ran back to me. I guess mom and dad figured he woudln't eat me so they let me out. Aspen gave me kisses and sniffed me to death, and I thought maybe he might be a mom-dog but I was wrong. I learned that you don't try to nurse on Aspen! I eventually got exhausted and laid down on the great big new dog bed Mom bought. Aspen brought me a chewy bone and we shared it and we fell asleep together.

Things were great until Mom woke me up and put me back in the kennel. I cried and cried and cried. Everyone went to bed and I was really sad. Mom covered up the kennel so it was really dark, I did alright after a bit though.

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This is me at 8 weeks!
This is me with my mates!
This is my doggie-mom!
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Hello! My name is Cedar. I am a German Shorthair Pointer (or GSP for short) I am 8 weeks old and VERY lively. I was just purchased by "mom", but can't go home with my new family for another couple of weeks (I'm a suprise for "dad"). When I met my new family they brought me and my littermate. My mate was not as happy about this as I was! I was happy to meet everyone, and was licking my new "kids" and knocking them over. I ran around and tried to nibble on fingers and climbed on my kennel. I wanted to play with everybody! My new mom couldn't stay long so she said that she wanted me, and that she'd make arrangements to pick me up in a couple of weeks!! I'm so happy that I get to go to a good home!!

You can find out more about my family! You can also see my pedigree and more of my mates!
Rawhides Clown (Grandpa-paternal) http://www.baselinekennel.com/Clownpic.htm
Cearra (Mom) and Kings Desert Dancer (Dad) http://www.geocities.com/dannyvaldez1/dayneshuntingdogs.html


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